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In today’s age, the need for a unified country brand cannot be overemphasized. It is against this background that the government of The Gambia set up a committee to spearhead the development of a strong country master brand that will promote investment, commerce and tourism. This committee culminated in the formation of a Brand Council which comprise experts from both government and private sector whose task is to build a new country master brand that will serve as a Unique Selling Point (USP) for The Gambia.

Furthermore, Africa Practice an international consulting firm in partnership with Generation Alliance, a well acclaimed branding firm was contracted through the funding from Gambia Growth and Competitiveness Project (GGCP) to develop a country Master brand for The Gambia. After many months of extensive work with the Brand Council and many other stakeholders, a new brand was developed.

Our Vision

The Gambia is the preferred destination in West Africa for new investment and diverse tourism opportunities.

Our Mission

To stimulate sustainable growth in The Gambia towards middle income economic status.

Our Positioning Statement

The Gambia is the preferred destination for investors looking for high-growth opportunities in West Africa and for tourists interested in accessible, friendly African experiences. We are looking to share our untapped potential