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The personality of the brand is how we want others to see us as a country and what we have to offer. This is very important because the personality of a brand helps to maintain and enforce brand identity which is very crucial for the success of the brand. The new country master brand personality is characterized by five elements:

TOLERANT Our culture reflects many influences and perspectives. We are welcoming of different ways of life and new opportunities. We are ambitious in pursuing a better future

BOLD We test the boundaries of traditional thinking. We want people to be inspired about us and what we offer. We aim to be a highly attractive destination both for tourism and investment, and a leading voice in things that matter to African people.

YOUTHFUL We are proudly youthful in our outlook, thinking differently to connect to the best thinking and better ways of doing things. We present a fresh, energetic image.

SMART We promote innovative thinking in our political, economic and social development. We learn from each other and external influencers to become a leading voice in global affairs. Our intelligence is grounded in the realities of our community.

FRIENDLY Above all else we are friendly and welcoming. We want people to experience the ‘smiling face’ of The Gambia in all we do. We are people-focused first and foremost.