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PEOPLE FIRST We aspire to be a leading global voice in social development, welcoming different cultures and ideas to share in The Gambian opportunity.

OUR OWN PATH Our strength is in our independence and the diverse interests we represent. But our future lies in our mutually respectful cooperation with our neighbors and our global partners.

SUSTAINABLE GROWTH We aim to be a benchmark for growth and prosperity, but never at the expense of our community aspiration and our belief in The Gambian way of life. We are one in terms of how we advocate for change on behalf of our member states.

VIBRANT OPTIMISM We are building a better future for our people, through our forward-looking policies and our energetic approach to economic and social development. We draw on the spirit of our people and our stimulating natural environment to build hope for the future.

PEACE & SECURITY We build trust by working closely with each other and our partners to understand critical needs and always deliver on our promises. In a fractured world, we deliver cooperation, peace and security for our people and our visitors.

OUR ESSENCE SITS AT THE HEART OF OUR BRAND This is our promise to the market. It provides the emotive and rational core and connecting big idea that describes who we are and supports what we do and why we do it. It is our reason for being.

OUR ESSENCE IS ‘FLOWING WITH OPPORTUNITIES’ We celebrate and embrace our unique geography and inherent connection to The River. » Our potential is limitless and unconstrained. » The Gambia is a centre for growth and opportunity, thriving in the region of West Africa. » Our community is fresh, new and revitalized. We take strength from the power of our unique natural environment. » We celebrate our connection to our neighbors and partners; we share our opportunities within the region and work towards a better life for all Gambians. We aim to grow, together